HeadMining is an expert team with seniors from the most advanced fields in the Swedish mining business and research. With extensive experience, we provide comprehensive analysis and complete strategy development for mining and supplier companies, corporate groups and industries as well as authorities, government agencies and entire nations.

Our expertise comprises the whole value chain; from tunnelling, production and grinding, to management, financial matters, mineral policies and technical requirements.

  • Analysis and Development of Mineral Legislation and Mineral Policies

    We are highly specialized in mining and mineral policies, legislations and regulations. Our leading level of expertise enables us to assist companies, regions and entire nations in this essential matter.

  • Analysis and development of technology and process strategies

    We offer comprehensive analysis and development of complete strategies regarding mining processes and technical requirements and advancements.

  • Project Management

    HeadMining provides access to well experienced international project managers. With our leading experts and international network, we can always form a project team according to the type of competence required for the case.

700 years of constant development

HeadMining is a result of 700 years of constant development and cooperation between mining companies, machine suppliers and research that has led to the Swedish mining industry being world-leading. HeadMining concentrates and develops this knowledge to new levels and transfer it to our customers.

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