HeadMining Ltd is an international management consulting company focusing to help customers, enterprises and governments or government organisations, to achieve sustainable mining. The company consist of a core of senior expertise from the Swedish mining cluster, acting both as consultants and as a management team. In addition to the management team we have a network of very large number of associated international experts, researchers and experienced mining developers.

The core team consists of some of the well-reputed experts and specialist, mainly from the Swedish mining business with experience from mining operations in Sweden and other countries, with some that are university-based and all who have worked on international development projects. The larger network consists of people, consultants and researchers, from several countries, but mainly from northern Europe and Canada. All have extensive experience and have a well-proven track record of expertise in the various services that HeadMining offers.

A distinct strength of HeadMining is the capability it offers to form a well-focused project team, depending upon those competences that are needed in every case. Our corporate language is English.

1. What does HeadMining offer You?
HeadMining primarily offers services to large mining enterprises(Chapter 1.1) and to governments and government organizations(Chapter 1.2).

1.1. For Mining Enterprises
HeadMining offers both analyses and development of new strategies or proposal to new solutions for increased productivity and sustainable mining operations. In general terms, this means, among other things, the following:

  • Analyses of a metal mining operation, or part of an operation, including overall mine design and production method reviews that can address rock mechanics issues, ground support technologies, organization, planning methods, management systems and technology, such as fixed and mobile equipment, communication, IT system, logistic, etc;
  • Development of strategies on how to establish production processes in a mining operation, (from productivity, environmental and safety points of views). But also, strategies for development of ground support, automation, digitization, electrification and logistics, etc;
  • Recurrent support, during the implementation of a longer change or development work, to the managers or specialists in a mining operation.
  • Support about how to develop and implement exploration methods as well as to support with analysis of exploration data.
  • Prepare tendering documents and perform evaluations
  • Partner selection, project financing issues and analysis, advise on acquisitions, etc.
  • Advisory services to management levels in customer companies;
  • Project management in general.

A description of our services for Enterprises in specific areas of expertise, is as follows:

Mineral Economy/Policy/Legislation

  • Metal and mineral market studies, including price forecasting;
  • National and regional mineral policies, strategies together with legislation and regulations;
  • Investment promotion;
  • Mining/exploration as a lever for sustainable economic/social development, Socio-economic impacts of mining;
  • Privatisation of national mining/exploration companies;
  • Ethics and regulation of information given to the public by listed exploration/mining companies, in particular the so-called juniors.

Rock Mechanics, Mine Design and Ground Support

  • In connection with new mining projects, at the completion stage of conceptual-/pre-feasibility-/feasibility-level exploration work, provide a high-level geotechnical assessment of productive and safe mine design and rock engineering strategies specific to the peculiar characteristics of the orebody(ies);
  • In connection with existing mine operations, for which mine design shortcomings have become evident, provide a geotechnical assessment of root cause(s), together with proven rock engineering/ground control strategies designed to address the issue(s) in either productive capacity or safety or both;
  • In each of these services there is a strong expectation and need of close coordination between HeadMining’s Exploration/Geology and Mine Production expertize - to ensure that the most productive and cost-effective outcomes are realized.

Mine Production

In mining projects under development or in existing mines, HeadMining can provide descriptions and plans for state-of-the-art solutions on:

  • Design of a slim and modern organisation for a mine, including shift rosters and working hours;
  • Mine infrastructure such as ore handling systems, media systems, roadways, water pumping and ventilation;
  • Alternatives for, and appropriate sizes of fixed and mobile equipment; including levels of automation;
  • Organisation of service and maintenance;
  • Plans for capital expenditure (CAPEX).

All of the above are adapted to the size and shape of the ore(s) and to the expected lifetime of the mine.

Mining Technology

When digitalising and/or implementing new technologies to an existing operation or planning new mining operations, HeadMining can support you in the following steps in order to secure full business outcomes with regard to safety, productivity and environmental effects:

  • Analyse the needs for and possible effects of different technologies based on the specific operation;
  • Support the digitalisation process in different parts of the operation;
  • Analyse the needs for and possible effects of development towards electricity based, fossil-free and zero emission production;
  • Analyse infrastructure (IT, Media, physical) needs based on desired technologies;
  • Choosing and assist with implementing overall process control systems;
  • Develop and assist in implementing working processes based on selected technologies and equipment.

Mineral Processing

We will help you create an operating system/environment that maximizes the production of a product that is marketable and returns sustainable revenues while reducing the costs of production. Activities that are normally included are

  • Test work design;
  • Project design;
  • Operator Training;
  • Flowsheet Development and Design;
  • Plant Auditing;
  • Optimization, and
  • Trouble-Shooting.

Mineral Exploration

HeadMining has expertise with respect to both greenfield and brownfield exploration. The services include the following topics:

  • Compilation, evaluation and interpretation of existing exploration data
  • Database management
  • Planning and design of new geophysical surveys
  • Tendering for and evaluation of geophysical survey contractors
  • Quality assessment and quality control of geophysical survey data
  • Advanced data processing, modelling and interpretation
  • Data integration and visualization

1.2. For State Organizations or Governments
HeadMining offers support, and development of sustainable mining policies and innovation system as well as analyses of an mining industry. That means in general, among other things, the following:

  • Advice and support development of mining policies;
  • Advice, support and development strategies for an entire mining industry sector;
  • Advice, support and development of innovation systems for a country’s mining sector;
  • Establish, and manage or support, cooperation groups in order to develop strategies for sustainable mining, with expertise from HeadMining and national expertise, from Government, universities and industry.
  • Prepare tendering documents and perform evaluations
  • To disseminate or implement planning or strategies, or as a tool for investigation. To this end HeadMining can organise workshops, interviews and other kind of activities, together with the customer organisation, that are necessary for achieving the expected result;
  • Project management;
  • Review mining related education programs and give suggestion of improvements.

2. Operational Excellence

HeadMining is strongly committed to improve problem-solving and to the utilization of a full range of possibilities using the latest technology and methods. We always strive to increase service efficiency while improving customer satisfaction. When the company executes a project we always decide the methods and models together with the customer.  

2.1. To execute a project
In all projects, depending upon the type of task, at least one of the HeadMining core team members will be in charge and in most cases, two will be engaged and in some cases the whole core team will be involved. We put together a small Task Force for every case. This Task Force, managed by a senior specialist from HeadMining Core team, will include senior researchers or senior consultants with excellent track records and selected from HeadMining’s international network. Finally, personnel resources from our customer will usually participate as well. HeadMining can execute projects, together with the customer according to the agreed project plan, on site or at a distance, or most probably a mix of these alternatives.

2.2. Quality
In order to ensure the quality of work provided to our customers, HeadMining has a quality assurance process. That means, amongst many other things, that at least two senior experts, independent of those responsible for a project, checks the result and delivery, from a quality point of view.

2.3. Methods and Tools
HeadMining are well equipped when it comes to modern methods and tools for cooperation with our clients. In every project, we choose the methods and tools that will give the best result. We use well-proven project management methods but also the latest kind of methodologies, e.g. Agile methodologies and Lean project managements tools like Scrum or KanBan boards, etc. HeadMining also use modern tools for cooperating remotely like Skype or GotoMeeting as well as a very safe Document database and project management system.
All these methods and tools, together with a wide experience of working on international cooperation projects, ensure that we can work efficiently and effectively with our customers, both at a distance and when we meet personally.

Yours sincerely Johan Hedlin Manging Director HeadMining AB